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Mold flow Consulting Services
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   Please Select your desired analysis (1 or 2 and then your sub fields)

A - Part Analysis (result details) For filling results using gate location(s).  

                                                            NO runners or gate geometry will be analyzed

Includes the following analysis sequence:
  • Best Gate -Provides a graphical gate location area according to the part geometry indicating where to try a filling analysis.
  • Molding window Analysis - Molding window analysis which analyzes the part geometry and provides the optimum mold and melt temperatures for the type of finish specified.
Additional Options:
Part Cooling Quality Analysis
Sink Mark Analysis
Warpage Analysis (out of plane deflections)
Alternate material iteration requests other than the main material specified (more info) 

B - Advanced Mold Analysis (result details) Optimizes Single cavity, Multi cavity and family layouts with cold and or  hot runners or  3-plate and optimizes the gates or drops plus fully optimizes the part.

  • Includes Best Gate Analysis
  • Includes Molding Window analysis
  • Includes Part Analysis and all options
    • Part Cooling Quality Analysis
    • Sink Mark Analysis
  • Includes Gate(s) location and sizing optimization
  • Includes Runner / feed system optimization
* Is there an existing design layout for this mold: Yes   No  (This will let us know to run a base check analysis)
*  Number of Cavities per part:  (c)  
Is this a Family Mold No (Proceed to Mold Information: section.)
Yes (Answer questions immediately below.

*   A

How many different parts? (dp)

*   B

Are these mirrored "left-hand right-hand" parts? Yes    No

Note: The number of cavities (c) times the number of different parts (dp) MUST = total cavitation.

* Mold Information: (please select one)
Direct Sprue with disk or fan gate (this option is for a center-gated single cavity)
Cold Runners
Hot Runners
Hot Drop to Cold Runners
3-Plate Mold
Additional Options:
Cooling Circuit Analysis
Warpage and Pack Analysis (out of plane deflections)
Alternate material iteration requests other than the main material specified (more info)   

* Analysis Checklist:

This form addresses all issues concerning the job.
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